Corprate Burnz was cooked up by two Dominican immigrants who resided in The Washington Heights area. It was here where this unique individual, or (a unique character) as he would describe himself, became The Product of His Environment. He was left behind by his parents to be raised by his grandmother in the streets of Dyckman. Educated by the holy, but possessed by the wrong. He adapted to both urban, and corporate America. Making him today’s Blue Colla Hustla.

Corprate Burnz merged business ethics with street smarts in order to overcome life struggles. At an early age finding poetry therapeutic and being the son of a musician he developed his own interest in music HIP HOP. Always a fun hobby to him, and mimicking so many great artists, it was only a matter of time until he himself was getting good at it. With Hip Hop’s competitive nature he made a name for himself locally. Never considering music as a career for him he continued to deal with life, and take care of “business”.

He is a true artist in every aspect and it’s only a matter of time before Corprate Burnz becomes a household name, and a movement on his own.